Raves & Reviews

Here’s what people have said after working with Papa Newt.

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“Papa Newt possesses that rare combination of an astute ear and quick understanding both of which make for clear divination that is needed for solid rootwork advice. It is one matter to read tarot and entirely another to do so in such fashion that difficult truths are shared with kindness and compassion without judgment attached. Simply put Papa rocks and after following his prescription and insight not only do I feel better but am able to know with certainty that I am capable and responsible for my well being. I highly recommend seeking him out for both divination and rootwork. The recommendations were not unduly complicated or expensive to carry out either. Highest regards.” Oldbefana, IA

“Papa Newt is kind, considerate and incredibly talented. Not only does he help unbiasedly, he takes your entire situation into account. His suggestions were thoughtful, easy to execute and didn’t drain my wallet dry. I have nothing but respect for him and shall continue seeking his counsel on all things spiritual. Thank you!” Elise, NE

“Thank you so much for sharing your time, energy, and talents with me. It was nothing short of a divine blessing! You helped me so much by allowing me to gain insight and showing me a new way to address issues. I used the techniques that evening on something that had been bothering me for a long time and it worked! I feel amazing! Just being in your presence was a gift and I am incredibly thankful. Forever grateful.” Kate W., Omaha, NE