To make an appointment you can do so by purchasing an appointment below.  All bookings must be made at least three days in advance.  Same day or emergency bookings are not accepted.

I do not keep set hours but am usually available four to five days a week in the mornings and afternoon.

Disclaimer: Readings and services are NEVER a substitute for medical, legal, and psychological consultations. Please check out the Resource Page for organisations that may better assist you.

Spiritual Readings are a great way of gaining insight into a specific situation or questions that you have. A reading can provide a deeper understanding of what energies are around you and what possibilities ahead of you in life.

Click below to learn more and to book a session. If you have questions or need help booking a reading, please email

Setting of Lights Services are an excellent way to have spiritual support as you work towards your goal(s), and a great option for those who are unable to light candles in their home. Dressed with genuine Hoodoo Oils, and herbs, roots, and minerals to create a strong light to be set on your petition.

Conjure Possibilities

Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen. --- Hebrews 11:1