All Saints Vigil Candle Service


Set a light for a saint of your choice or leave blank to petition All Saints!

Please select the number of candles to be set. One candle equals one week.

Got a saint in mind? Please write the name here.

The All Saints Vigil Candle Services offer exceptional spiritual support as you work towards your goals, providing a great option for those unable to light candles in their home. Each candle is dressed with genuine oils, herbs, roots, and minerals, dedicated to the saint of your choice or to all the saints, creating a powerful light to be set on your petition.

After your candle(s) have finished burning, you will receive a brief candle report via email. This report will include information on how the candle burned, signs observed in the glass, and an overall interpretation and divination.

Please note that this is a nonrefundable service.


Your petition is the central focus of the All Saints Vigil Candle being set for you. It’s helpful to consider the main focus or goal you’re working towards achieving. A space is provided on each of the available candle’s pages for you to write your petition. Crafting a short petition helps you to focus on your intent, so take your time with this important step.


You can choose to have one candle lit or more, to be burned sequentially on your petition. Each candle will burn continuously for approximately 120 hours.