Patron Saint of Rapid Solutions

Saint Expedite

Feast Day April 19th

Little is known of this saint other than the name Expeditus appears in the Roman Martyrology — an official list of recognized saints of the Catholic church — but his popularity is well known.

Depicted as a young Roman centurion in his right hand holding a cross with the words HODIE (Latin for today) and under his right foot, he steps upon a crow with a ribbon in its beak that says CRAS (Latin for tomorrow). In his left hand, he holds a palm leaf, which is a symbol of a martyr, but also a symbol for victory. Next to his left foot, you find his helmet on the ground. 

In my opinion, this is symbolizing that Saint Expedite is focused on the present. He does not forget where he came from, acknowledging his past, but not living there — an excellent message to consider.

Candles offered to Saint Expedite are generally red and lit on Wednesdays. Anoint candles with an oil such as St. Expedite Oil or oils focusing on speed such as Fast Luck. It is customary that once Saint Expedite has completed the task you have prayed for, you give offerings of flowers, pound cake, and giving a public thank you. It's believed one should not ask for the aid of Saint Expedite unless you are ready to provide an attribute quickly when he answers your prayers. The belief is that as swift he was to answer your prayers, Saint Expedite, too, can swiftly take them away.

Prayer to Saint Expedite

St. Expedite honored
by the gratitude of those
who have invoked thee
at the last hour
and for pressing cases,
we pray thee to obtain
from the all powerful
goodness of God,
by the intercession
of Mary Immaculate,
(today or such a day)
the grace we solicit with
all submission
to the Divine Will.

An altar for the Feast of Saint Expedite

An altar for the Feast of Saint Expedite

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Thank you Saint Expedite!

Always remember to give thanks to Saint Expedite when your prayers have been answered.

Papa Newt

Omaha, Nebraska 68108, United States