Setting of Lights

Setting of Lights Services are an excellent way to have spiritual support as you work towards your goal(s), and a great option for those who are unable to light candles in their home. Dressed with genuine Hoodoo Oils, and herbs, roots, and minerals to create a strong light to be set on your petition.

Once your candle(s) have finished burning a brief candle report on how the candle burned, signs in the glass and an overall interpretation and divination will be emailed to you.

Choose to have one candle lit or more to be burned sequentially on your petition. Each candle will burn continuously for approximately 120 hours.


1 Candle $23
3 Candles $50
7 Candles $140
13 Candles $250

Priority (optional): Would you like to receive your report when your run of candles have finished? This option will place your candle ahead in the report queue to be finished first. Additional fee $5.


Your petition is the driving focus of the vigil candle being set for you. It is helpful to consider the main focus or drive you are working towards achieving. Space is provided to write your petition on each of the available candle’s pages. A short petition helps you to focus in on your intent, so do take your time with this.


Would you like to provide a picture or pictures for your vigil candle? Please send them to If sending more than one picture of everyone involved in your situation, then we do kindly ask that each picture file is renamed to the person’s name before sending.


A Candle Report are prepared when your candle has finished and will include the signs seen with a brief interpretation of your candles burn. All reports are delivered to your email. If you would like to receive no candle report, please type ‘NO REPORT’ in the notes upon checkout.
Audio Reports are available upon request. You will receive a mp3 file with Papa Newt speaking about your candle, how it burned, signs that are seen and an interpretation of the candle. To request an audio report, type ‘AUDIO REPORT’ in the notes upon checkout.
Candle Reports are worked on every Tuesday and Thursday. Please allow up to two weeks for the report to be sent. In rare cases, due to high volume of reports, can take up to 30 days to receive. If, for any reason, there is an unexpected delay in your report, you will be contacted by email.


No one who is in need and unable to purchase a Candle Service will ever be turned away. A 4″ emergency light will be set on your behalf upon one of our Community Altars. Email, using the subject line EMERGENCY LIGHT in the subject line, and a brief description of your situation.

Please note that Emergency Prayer Lights DO NOT come with a candle report. Only one candle will be set per person per situation.
Needing additional prayers? Be sure to place a prayer request at the Crystal Silence League.

Disclaimer: Readings and services are NEVER a substitute for medical, legal, and psychological consultations. Please check out the Resource Page for organizations that may better assist you.